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Mug and Honey Gift Set: A Taste of Nature's Delights

Delight in the simplicity and richness of nature with our Mug and Honey Gift Set. Handcrafted from the bounty of our hives nestled in Parkland County, just beyond Edmonton, Alberta, this set combines comfort and flavor in a charming package.

What's Included:

  • Choice of Mug Design: Select from a range of beautifully crafted mug designs, each adding a touch of personality to your sips.
  • Small Jar of Pure Honey: Indulge in a jar of liquid gold, brimming with the essence of our local flora and the meticulous care of our bees.
  • Small Honey Dipper: Experience honey the traditional way, with a dainty and efficient honey dipper.

Packaging Options:

Choose between two elegant presentation options:

  • Cellophane Wrap with Gift Tag: Cradled in cellophane with a thoughtful gift tag, ready to be handed directly to the recipient.
  • Kraft Gift Bag with Tissue Paper and Gift Tag: Wrapped in a rustic-chic kraft gift bag, adorned with tissue paper and a heartfelt gift tag, perfect for an added touch of warmth.