Do you have a storefront location?

No. We offer delivery of our products to Edmonton and surrounding area on at least a bi-weekly basis. Pick-up can be arranged in Spruce Grove, Edmonton and South of Stony Plain. Our friends at BE Coffee do carry our 1kg and 500g size of honey in a variety of flavors. They are located at 11015 26 Ave in Edmonton. Please check their website or socials for store hours.

When will I received my honey?

Please check our home page for our next delivery date (usually a Saturday). You can expect to receive an email the evening before with an approximate delivery time. 

I won't be home during my delivery time, can you come at a different time?

In most cases we can't take requests for delivery time. We are usually delivering between 20-30 orders and have to follow the most time efficient route. If you are not comfortable with your honey order being left out while you are not home or access to your building won't be available while you are out, please respond to your delivery ETA email and let us know. We can bump you to our next delivery, deliver to a friend or family member that can be home, or arrange for you to pick-up your order at your convenience. 

I didn't get the option to choose "Free Delivery" at check-out.

We offer free delivery on orders over $30 and in Edmonton and surrounding area. This includes Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Devon, Leduc, Beaumont, Sherwood Park and St. Albert. If free delivery wasn't offered and you have over $30 in your cart it could be because you are located out of our delivery area. If you think this is a mistake please contact us and we will confirm if delivery is available to you. If you are in these areas but ordered under $30, we offer delivery for a small fee. Otherwise your order will be made available for you to pick-up.

I need my honey right away, can you accommodate?

Please contact us and let us know. Depending on what you ordered, sometimes we have product ready to go that you can pick-up during the week in Spruce Grove. Please keep in mind that we are a small family business. We both are working other full-time jobs and have children that take up a lot of our time. We do our best to accommodate your requests!

My Raw Honey has gone hard and gritty is something wrong?

No. This is called crystallization. All raw honey will crystallize (a natural event in which honey turns from a liquid to a semi-solid state). Honey that crystallizes on its own will produce larger sharper crystals and is very granular. Sometimes consumers misunderstand this to mean the honey is lower quality or has been stored incorrectly, but quite the opposite is true. If honey does not crystallize it can be an indication that it has been diluted or pasteurized. Crystallize honey can be returned to a liquid state by gently heating it. We find the easiest way to do this in on the stove. Put your jar in a pot of water and on a very low temp, gently warm it up. The microwave is not recommend. 

What is the difference between Raw Honey and Creamed Honey?

 Our Raw Honey is straight from our hives to jar. Raw honey will crystalize on its own. The speed at which this happens depends on many factors, including how the honey is stored and what the bees were feeding on. Creamed honey, despite its name, is not made by adding cream to honey. It is honey made by controlling its crystallization process. We make it using our raw honey and already creamed honey called “seed honey”. The seed honey is mixed throughout our raw honey and churned and churned and churned. We then pour this into jars and let the honey continue to crystallize on its own. This creates smooth and spreadable honey with small crystals that melt in your mouth.

Is your honey organic?

No. We have no control over where our bees go to feed and forage. So we can't make claims that our honey is "organic" or "wildflower" honey. Our bees forage for food up to 12km away, but will usually stay within 3km of their hive. Our bees first food source in the spring is dandelions. We are always so relieved to see these yellow beauties popping up to feed our hungry hives. We plant lots of wildflowers for our bees and other crops in our area rotate between canola, peas, alfalfa, potatoes. Our honey is not blended, so every jar that you order from us will be a different color and have different floral notes!

I have more questions, can I speak to someone?

Send us an email at contact@nakedcanuck.com with your information and someone will be in touch, usually within the same day.