Our Story

It all started before our first son was born...way before that actually. This is a story of how my wife Katie and I, with our two boys, Evan and Adam, started our apiary. 

It has always been a dream of ours to live a rural lifestyle in the country.  We got married in 2012 and had been living in a house in Edmonton, Alberta for quite a few years. Children became our next challenge, and we decided to get serious about our living situation before we have a baby to take care of.  "We need more SPACE" was a very common phrase to hear across the house.  So we got busy looking for a property close to work and close to family but far enough away from the city we could still afford it.  Turns out this was a bigger challenge then originally thought.  After two years and some missteps we managed to get a chunk of dirt we could call our own. 

ourland.jpgNow all along the searching and buying process of getting our dirt we were thinking of ways for the land to give back as much as possible.  Hmm we will have cows...no wait maybe we will breed cute puppies! It went on like this and reality set in that what we really need to do was get to work turning our 16 acres of dirt into a home.  

ourhole.jpgNow is about the time our first son Evan was born.  We spent the first year of his life digging trenches, running wires and pipes, moving buildings, selling our house, starting a garden, and above all enjoying the new freedom of our property. This is also the time when we had the idea to get a bee hive.  "Oh it will be so cool to have bees and harvest our own honey," was how we sold it to ourselves.  The next spring we got a couple hives as packages from New Zealand and went about becoming real bee farmers.

ourbees.jpgFast forward a few years, our second son Adam has arrived, a small fortune spent and a hobby has gotten a little bit out of control. We have many more hives and so much honey we have no place to put it all.  But hey, what about that land giving back as much as possible? 

Well here we are as Naked Canuck Farms. Katie has grown our little business from a hobby into what seems like another Full-Time job. She is constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to better serve our customers. Our goal has always be the same. We want to share with you what our beautiful land along with millions of bees has produced.  We hope you enjoy what nature has provided us in its most natural and Naked form.

PS. If you also have a crazy idea to get some bees for yourself let us know and we can share some of our bees with you and get you setup to start your own story. 

Warmest Regards,  Jordan, Katie, Evan and Adam



Our Apiary