Adopt a Hive - Drone Bee Level

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Adopt a Hive - Drone Bee- $40

You'll receive a gift box containing:

  • 2- 500g jars of personalized raw honey from our hard-working hives

  • A package of Wildflower Seeds to encourage pollinators to your own garden.

  • Package of 3 Bee Note Cards

  • Beeswax Lip Balm

  • Beeswax Candle

  • Email updates throughout the 2022 season on how our hives are doing. 

  • Invitation to our online Live from the Hive night - where we will show you inside a hive and answer any questions. 

  • You get the bragging rights for helping a local beekeeper.

Compare Adoption Levels

Adoption Levels:

Drone Bee $40

Worker Bee $80

Queen Bee $150

Bee Ambassador $300


2- 500g Personalized Jars

4 - 500g Personalized Jars

8- 500g Personalized Jars

10 - 500g Personalized Jars

Invite to Live from the Hive Night

Wildflower Seeds

Pack of 3 Bee Note Cards

Beeswax Lip Balm


Skep Candle

✔ (2)

✔ (2)

Honey Soap


Bee Ornament


Bee Mug


Name Your Queen Bee


Picture of your Hive with Queen Bees Name Plaque

Adoption Certificate


Paint a Honey Super for your Hive


Mason Bee Ceramic House


Heifer International Hive Donation