Honey Soap

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Treat your skin with our handmade honey soap. We've partnered with Bee Mindful to bring you the most luxurious hand-crafted honey soap. 

The Gardener's Bar is a blend of Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lavender will refresh your senses and leave your hands exfoliated and moisturized.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil. Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, She Butter, Stearic acid, Aloe Vera Juice, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Sodium Lactate, Pumice Stone, Walnut Shells, Aloe Vera Gel, French Green Clay, Honey, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil.

The Guinness & Honey is a musky noruishing bar with Patchouli & Cedarwood scents and cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling soft.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Lard, Olive Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Palm Kernal Oil, Cocoa Butter, Guinness Beer, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Zinc Oxide, Activated Charcoal, Honey, Patchouli Oil and Cedarwood Oil. 

The Brown Ale & Honey has a similar musky scent as the Guinness Bar, but with Patchouli, Cedarwood and the added benefits of Frankincense Oil it will leave your skin nurtured.

Ingredients:Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Safflower Oil, Brown Ale, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Sodium Lactate, honey, Alkanet Powder, Patchouli Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Frankincense Oil. 

 Lavender & Honey is great for all skin types with the calming scent of Lavender this bar is a beautiful purple from the Purple Brazilian Clay.

Ingredients: Babassu Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Apricot Kernel, Safflower, Canola Oil, Oliver Oil, Lavender Butter, Purple Brazilian Clay, Honey, Lavender Oil and Rosemary Oil.

Dandelion & Honey is perfect for sensitive skin. Made with backyard dandelions this bar is loaded with minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamins A, B, D, E.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Dandelion Infused Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Kernel, Yellow French Clay, Honey.

**Discontinue use if irritation occurs**

All our soaps are made from highest quality ingredients and contain no artificial colors or scents.